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Short on advertising budget and can't compete with giant advertisers on the internet? Victim of click fraud and losing money uncontrollably? We provide leverage to help you.

Take advantage of our flexible and affordable advertising rates! Our advertising solutions will help you decide quicker to get your listings live. When advertising in Lookna, your money’s worth is more than what it is compared to other advertising companies.


Business Listing with a Fixed Location - Free

Advertise a business with a listing in a fixed location for FREE! Yes, you got it right. You do not need to pay anything when you have a fixed location business establishment to advertise. All you need to do is to sign up to Lookna as an Advertiser and advertise using the Fixed Location option. Whether you are a grocery store, service provider where your clients come to avail of your services, or any other business with a physical address, you can advertise your business for free. Have your ads listed and displayed to Lookna network for free!


On-the-Move Ads - $30 per month, flat rate.

Advertise your On-the-Move services for only $30.00! Worry no more about click fraud and budget depletion and have your ads display all month long. With your $30.00, you will get:


  • Targeted local customers

  • 1-month active listing

  • Unlimited clicks on your listing

  • Click fraud free

  • User- friendly interface