What is Jao?

Jao by Lookna is a location-sharing app that you can use to track or send your real-time location to anyone. Using GPS technology, JAO can provide you directions and send your current trip to anyone through SMS. 

Jao creates a unique link for your trips and allows you to share your LIVE location on a map by SMS or any messaging app of your choice.

Share with your friends, family or customers:

  •     your trip route with Map
  •     your current GPS location LIVE! as you drive, ride, or walk
  •     estimated time of arrival to destination
  •     trip sharing stops as soon as you End the Trip upon arrival.
  •     no need for your friends or customers to have the app

On the other side, when they open the link, they see you move in real-time as you drive, ride or walk along the trip route.

Who can use the JAO app?

  • Anyone who needs a tracking service.
  • Family members to track their loved ones
  • Employers to track their employees on the field
  • Logistics offices

Track your Employees

Track your employees while they travel to their destination. Get a real-time location monitoring system using Jao by Lookna.

Better Customer Service

Provide guarantee and ease your client's worry as they wait for anyone or anything you send them. Be it a handyman or a delivery, they can track it using Jao by Lookna.

Real-time delivery notification

Be on top of your delivery in real time using the Jao by Lookna.

Route planning and History

Plan ahead your trip by checking of possible delays through Jao.

Fleet Management

Organize and coordinate your office vehicles to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide compliance with regulations using Jao. Know their whereabouts and location in real time using Jao.

Dispatch and Full Control

Dispatch and monitor almost anything and everything using the Jao app.

How Lookna Jao Works

How To Register With Lookna Jao?

Your Friends & Family, Connected with Jao

Your Friends and Family, Connected with Jao

Your Business Connected with Jao

Your Business Connected with Jao App

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