Enjoy flexible payment options, easy to manage trip history and no commissions to pay. Continuously use these amazing features as long as you like.

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We make hailing taxi easier and safer. Sign up now on Lookna Taxi and enjoy the opportunity to choose the best taxi based on your preferrences, no cancellation fees, flexible payment options and 100% safer ride.

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Taxi Rentals

Lookna Taxi ensures stable revenue with no commission to pay. You can also enjoy Lookna advertisement option to make your taxi rental business known locally or internationally.

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Taxi Stations

Transform your traditional taxi station into a digital one. Lookna Taxi offers you more cost-effective way of dispatching taxis, taxi booking requests from anywhere in the world and marketing options from Lookna search engine.

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Join Our Affiliate Program

Spread the word. Invite taxi drivers to Lookna Taxi App and get paid directly to your bank account, PayPal or check.

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