Angel Shower Head (Silver)

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Product Description

The Angel Shower Head is a total game changer for you, the way you shower, your water bill, and the impact you have on the environment. With its built in ON/OFF switch which helps save water, energy, and the bills that accumulate from water usage in your home & salon/spa. With the built in on/off switch, all you have to do is hit the switch when you are shampooing, conditioning, shaving, or lathering up with soap and the water immediately stops flowing. No need to even turn off the faucet until you are done showering. You no longer need to leave the water running or try to dodge the water that continues to flow while you are doing any one of these activities. Other benefits include

  • Silver nano antibiotic coating to prevent rust
  • Silicone shield that can either be left alone for regular shower, or flipped back to get even closer to the massage cones
  • Tourmaline Crystal injected Knobs that deeply clean, & massage your scalp of all impurities and buildup
  • Easy to control/handle ergonomic design
  • Conical knobs relieve stress and a stiff scalp
  • Stimulates blood circulation & relieves headaches.

This patented technology is changing the way we shower and is allowing us to save water in a world where, saving water has become a top priority. Help save the planet by reducing your ecological footprint and become even more environmentally friendly.